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Welcome to the official website of Chapter Four Uganda. We are pleased that you have chosen to understand what we do and hopefully be a part of the fight for the protection and promotion of civil liberties. We invite you to engage with us; to be inspired to join and support us. We also encourage you to be prompted to take a stand in whatever sphere of life, for the full enjoyment of human rights by all around you and beyond.

Chapter Four was formed in 2013, drawing inspiration from the works of other civil liberties organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union. We seek to be a vocal and principled defender of constitutionally-guaranteed rights across a spectrum of issues without limitation based on ethnic, religious, or other group identity, political affiliation or sexual orientation. Specifically, we provide legal response to protect civic space rights; fostering the effective human rights protective work of civil society, human rights defenders and other pro-democracy activist groups.

The non discriminative protection of civil liberties for all, is the very heart of our work. We hope that your sojourn through the the corridors of Chapter Four will ignite a similar passion in you, and inspire you to take a relentless stand for human rights, wherever you are!

Coalition Membership

» Coalition Against Torture
» National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders
» Network for Public Intent Lawyers


Plot 2 Wampewo Close,
P.O. Box 33159,
Kampala, Uganda.

Mob: +256-790916614
Email: info@chapterfour.com